Rhino Park Road Residents Welfare Association

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Message from the Chairman

The Rhino Park Road Neighbourhood Residents Welfare Association was registered in April 2006 as a Self Help Group/Organisation by the Ministry of Gender Sports Culture and Social Services


The association is a non-political and non-partisan organization whose objectives are as follows:

  1. To promote cooperation among the members and to assist one another in times of need and to promote social and economic welfare of members.
  2. To cooperate with authorities in the improvement and maintenance of Infrastructure, Security, Environment, maintenance of law and order in prevention of illegal development activities.
  3. To maintain and promote aesthetics of the neighbourhood including trimming of hedges, beautification of frontages, prevention of encroachment on road reserves and public land and to discourage roadside farming.
  4. To initiate and implement any programs to improve the welfare of the neighbourhood.
  5. To cooperate with other like-minded organizations for mutual benefit.
  6. To make rules and impose penalties for defaulters for purposes of enforcing decisions of the association.


The Membership of the association is open to Individual property owners, their adult family members, tenants and institutions.

The geographical area of the neighbourhood is all the land properties along and off Rhino Park Road, Farm Lane from Dagoretti road to the end of both Eastern and Western forks of Rhino Park Road.


The Association has an elected Management Committee of 8 no. members comprising a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and three committee members. In addition, the Committee may appoint other association members specific duties. The committee is responsible for the management of the Association in accordance with the Association’s Constitution and conducts Annual General Meetings.


Some of the past achievements that can be attributed to the efforts of the Management Committee and members of the association, together with future plans are as follows:

  1. Setting up of Police Post along Rhino Park Road: This was done on a plot which was formerly a dis-used water pumping station. The process involved liaison with Government Authorities, the Kenya Police and construction of physical facilities to house the Police
  2. Tarmacking of Rhino Park Road and Farm Lane: This involved liaison with the Kenya Urban Road Authority and other Government Authorities. The tarmac and footpaths work is partially done and construction works are still in progress.
  3. Improvements to Police Post: The Committee has raised funds from members in order to carry out improvements to the Physical Facilities at the Police Post. These will include construction of Chain Link Fencing, Gate, improvements to the existing “container” office and connection of electricity.
  4. Construction of manned Security Gates: These will be erected at entrances to Rhino Park Road, Farm Lane and the link road between Rhino Park Road Eastern fork to Karinde. The project is at initial stages of planning.
  5. Creation of Residents Data Base: This will involve mapping out plot locations and owners in order to enhance membership of the Association and furtherance of its objectives The project is at initial stages of planning.
  6. Organizing neighbourhood Social Activities and Luncheon: The Management Committee is currently organizing a Luncheon for members and hopes to continue organizing Social Events in order to strengthen the neighbourhood cohesion.

Wambaa Mungai,

Chairman, Rhino Park Road Neighbourhood Residents Welfare Association